Arizona’s BEST Kept Secret

Just 70 miles south of Tucson at the foot of the Huachuca Mountains, Sierra Vista packs a mighty punch. If you are a fan of the Wild West, you will love it here. One of the last boomtown’s in the American Frontier, step back in time to the late 19th Century – site of one of the most famous gun battles in U.S History. Head to the O.K Corral and watch a reenactment that will have you jumping out of your seat or just stroll around and absorb all the old relics from the Wild West. You literally have cowboy’s roaming the streets. If you have the time, add a stopover at Boothill Graveyard where you can see the tombstones of cowboys and bandits who died during shootouts.

The Coronado National Memorial commemorates the first expedition By Spanish Conquistadores in the Southwest. Not only can you learn about the crossroads of Mexico and the United States here but the views and the hiking are amazing as well. This is the one place where history truly meets adventure. Take a free van ride up the mountain with a park ranger; he will explain the whole area to you. You may be surprised to learn that the National Memorial isn’t a statue of the Spanish Conquistador but the actual park that you are looking at. You can even see Mexico which is located just a mile away.

If you want some adventure and hiking, head to Montezuma’s Pass. This is a moderate 3-mile trek that straddles two countries. Is a task you have to try with its incredible landscapes. After you make it back to the Visitor’s Center, we recommend driving to the nearby Our Lady of the Sierra’s Pass where the 30 foot tall Madonna and Chapel is worth admiring.

For a city of under 50,000, Sierra Vista has food options that would rival place 2 or 3 times its size. Taco’s Y Raspado’s Mi Yaqui is located right near the Mexican Border. Their street tacos are probably half the price and twice the size of what you are used to back home. This town doesn’t just have good Mexican cuisines, it also has sushi, German schnitzel, or even Vietnamese food. If you are a foodie, don’t sleep on Sierra Vista.

A great way to see Sierra Vista is just to hop on a bike and go explore. There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Southeastern Arizona than on two wheels. There’s a reason they call it Sierra Vista or Mountain View in English because you can enjoy that amazing background while you pedal around a city that was built for the outdoors. It’s also a great way to burn off the pound of tacos you just ate.

Brown Canyon Ranch is another great place you should visit in Sierra Vista. This historic site was first settled in 1880 and before you even see the inside, you need to walk one of the multiple hiking trails which will take you right up to the mountain. Exploring the inside of the ranch house feels like you are stepping into a bygone era. The level of preservation is incredible and the total cost to visit this property is free. Take your time and soak it all in.

Sonoita has the oldest vineyard in the state of Arizona. You can spend an entire afternoon hopping around wine tasting. This region produces some of the best wine in the Grand Canyon State and this is a fun activity to do with a group of friends. The city guide will even drive you around on a tour, so you can just worry about sampling all the fine wine. From the chips and cheetos that paired well with the drinks to the exotic peacock running around the garden, every winery has a different personality.

Shenzhen, China Travel Guide

Shenzhen is a modern urban sprawl that links China’s mainland to Hong Kong. It is widely known to be a financial hub and a great shopping destination. Here are the top must-see attractions in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen Civic Center

This enormous complex is famous for its curved roof and colorful exterior. It is one of the largest buildings in the world and comprises 2 main halls connected by a curved roof that is shaped like a bird.

Stock Exchange Building

This landmark building is located in the new financial district of Shenzhen and is now known for its sustainability initiatives and floating platform. This building is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange offices, a securities information company, registration and clearinghouse, and a trading floor.

Futian Railway Station

Futian Railway Station is a train station on the express rail link that connects Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. It is China’s mainland final station before entering the city.

Futian Railway Food Plaza

This place offers visitors a wide range of Asian cuisines, including specialty foods such as beef rice noodles as well as other authentic Asian dishes. While waiting for your train, there are over 40 different amazing restaurants you can choose from.

Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum shows the achievement of more than 30 years of infrastructure and culture within the city. The museum features astonishing aesthetics with a modern look.

Civic Center Plaza

Just around this Civic Center, you will find a conference center, a shopping mall, the city hall, and the Shenzhen Museum that has free entrance. It is a great place to walk around and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer.

Dameisha Beach

Dameisha Beach is one of the largest beaches in the Shenzhen and it stretches for about 1,800 meters. Enjoying your leisure time at this beach is one of the best free things you can do in this city. Sun baking on the beach or a stroll around to enjoy the seaside scenery will definitely make your day. Besides sun baking and swimming, you can experience activities such as hiring beach cars or motorboats as well as bungee jumping.

Overseas Chinese Town East

This is an ecological resort full of amusement parks and beautiful scenery. The resort includes Huaxing Temple, Wind Valley, Tea Stream Valley, and Knight Valley. The Tea Stream Valley and Knight Valley are the most interesting places here. In the Knight Valley, you can either have fun in the Water Park or walk along the plank road to enjoy the great garden views.

The window of the World

The Window of the World is a theme park that showcases the reproductions of the world’s famous scenic spots. This park comprises eight parts including some scenic spots from Europe such as the ancient Athens and Eiffel Tower. The delicious foods and performances from different countries are also things you don’t want to miss while you are here.