Shenzhen, China Travel Guide

Shenzhen is a modern urban sprawl that links China’s mainland to Hong Kong. It is widely known to be a financial hub and a great shopping destination. Here are the top must-see attractions in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen Civic Center

This enormous complex is famous for its curved roof and colorful exterior. It is one of the largest buildings in the world and comprises 2 main halls connected by a curved roof that is shaped like a bird.

Stock Exchange Building

This landmark building is located in the new financial district of Shenzhen and is now known for its sustainability initiatives and floating platform. This building is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange offices, a securities information company, registration and clearinghouse, and a trading floor.

Futian Railway Station

Futian Railway Station is a train station on the express rail link that connects Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. It is China’s mainland final station before entering the city.

Futian Railway Food Plaza

This place offers visitors a wide range of Asian cuisines, including specialty foods such as beef rice noodles as well as other authentic Asian dishes. While waiting for your train, there are over 40 different amazing restaurants you can choose from.

Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum shows the achievement of more than 30 years of infrastructure and culture within the city. The museum features astonishing aesthetics with a modern look.

Civic Center Plaza

Just around this Civic Center, you will find a conference center, a shopping mall, the city hall, and the Shenzhen Museum that has free entrance. It is a great place to walk around and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer.

Dameisha Beach

Dameisha Beach is one of the largest beaches in the Shenzhen and it stretches for about 1,800 meters. Enjoying your leisure time at this beach is one of the best free things you can do in this city. Sun baking on the beach or a stroll around to enjoy the seaside scenery will definitely make your day. Besides sun baking and swimming, you can experience activities such as hiring beach cars or motorboats as well as bungee jumping.

Overseas Chinese Town East

This is an ecological resort full of amusement parks and beautiful scenery. The resort includes Huaxing Temple, Wind Valley, Tea Stream Valley, and Knight Valley. The Tea Stream Valley and Knight Valley are the most interesting places here. In the Knight Valley, you can either have fun in the Water Park or walk along the plank road to enjoy the great garden views.

The window of the World

The Window of the World is a theme park that showcases the reproductions of the world’s famous scenic spots. This park comprises eight parts including some scenic spots from Europe such as the ancient Athens and Eiffel Tower. The delicious foods and performances from different countries are also things you don’t want to miss while you are here.